Being a mother you are destined to be forced to watch kids movies until you see the characters in your sleep. At the moment my little ones favorite movie is Minions, this is actually doing my head in, every night “Mins Mins mummy” o dear. So I had to intervene.

We decided to go to the movies which has only occurred one time before being that my little guy is only 2 1/2 – so I picked Zootopia.

I was actually pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t just a movie for kids it had an adorable story line and was pretty funny for adults too.

Set in a rabbits world, it is about a little bunny that wouldn’t give up, I found the storyline to be really great for young children, bright fun scenes but also a fantastic message for kids about never giving up and always being true to yourself.

It hit important factors such as discrimination, racism and doing the right thing at all costs. One of the main messages I thought was great was not to generalize a group of people.

My little boy was glued to the screen the whole time which really did make a lovely trip to the movies, so I would most certainly recommend this cute movie, one for the whole family to enjoy.