Have you ever felt the need to make homemade ice cream? Or even experiment with different tastes, or perhaps you want a healthier alternative to what you can buy in the store, well then keep reading, I experimented with 2 different sorts of ice creams, firstly I made an organic ice cream with no added sugars, but then I also tried out a full blown naughty one … just for fun.

Organic Ice cream

Firstly I would like to point out that everyone has different tastes so I always recommend that you taste along the way to see if its too creamy or too much sugar etc.

I start off with a basic 600ml of thickened cream – make sure you buy a whipping cream
Vanilla extract – I like to use an organic pure vanilla extract paste – depending on how much you like vanilla then around a 1 tbsp.
You can add a natural, organic coconut milk to this mixture however I have found that adding only a little bit makes the ice cream creamier and more ice cream like.
For an added sugar taste I added some organic honey to sweeten the ice cream. You could also add some more vanilla extract instead of the honey or you could smash up some organic raw chocolate and make it choc chip.
The idea is to whip the cream first until it is very thick, then add the extra ingredients, I find that this works well. Then place your bowl in the freezer – try to have it in an air tight container to try and reduce icicles to form, but if you only have cling wrap that is fine. Now here comes the time consuming part, it is best to whip the icecream every 30 minutes until set. This obviously takes a long time, I try and make the icecream in the morning and attend to it all day to make sure it is smooth and creamy.You only have to really stir it for around 30 seconds every half an hour of so.

Naughty Ice cream

It’s really the same principals as above, however just different ingredients, you can have just cream if you would like a really creamy taste, I recommend adding chopped up chocolate (your favorite sort) to make a choc chip icecream, I used a cookies and cream white chocolate block and it worked like a treat. I didn’t have a lot of chocolate so I found I had to add some icing sugar – around 2 cups to get the sweet taste in there, but if you had more choc chips you would not need that. I also added vanilla extract.

It really was a treat and far better than any store bought icecream.


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