Les Miserables

Can you hear the people sing?

I had the absolute pleasure to be able to go and experience the passion of this amazing theatre production.

I have been waiting so many years for this production to come back to Australia and I can honestly say it did not disappoint.

For anyone that has never seen Les Mis please do yourself a favour, wether it is the stage show or the movie it is a must see.

I always love to experience the joy of a stage show, I love to watch the different costumes and the leading ladies.

This story is so tragically unique, it touches on so many different human emotions. It takes you back to an incredibly tough time when the plague dominated illness and losing a job was bound to wind you up in a shallow grave. It touches so uniquely on the French revolution and the scarifies men have made for centuries fighting wars.

The reason I love Les Mis so much and why it touches to the centre of my being is the songs are so powerful. The message behind the lyrics hit me like a truck.

It is not about being heard, it is about fighting for something you believe in, to have a voice even when you don’t get listened to. You may be one person but one person can still impact the world. This beautiful story also touches on first loves, the love of god, unrequited love, a mothers love, a fathers love. LOVE – the most powerful emotion the human being can feel.

I don’t know if there was a dry eye on the house when it came to this magical production and you could feel the wave of emotion that came with every held high note.

I will once again wait many years to be able to experience this beautiful stage play once again.