Recently I have been looking into more and more ways to save money and to also ensure that there are limited amount of unnecessary chemicals and toxins coming into my home. I have started looking at different ideas and recipes on how to make a great handwash. I have trialed and tested a few and found this to be a winner winner chicken dinner!

It’s very easy to make and very cost effective.

Grab an old foam pump bottle, I find an old used one works well but you can also buy pretty ones online. I personally like to receclye where I can.

2 tbps of castile soap – liquid
2 tbps of coconut oil (unrefined)
You can also add some essential oils (no more than 10 drops) if you would like a certain smell however I found the coconut oil created a lovely fragence
Fill the rest of the bottle up with water and TA-DA some home made hand soap that is chemical and toxin free and perfect for a budget.

DIY Hand Wash

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