Chicken Parcels

Who doesn’t love comfort food? You get home, you are tired, and you just want something yummy to eat. Well this is a winner winner!

The awesome thing about this meal is you can really add anything you want to the middle of it, my only tip is to make sure you thicken the mixture enough so it stays in place.

This is what I put in my little parcels of good ness

4 sheets pastry
500 grams chicken breast or chicken thigh
1 large brown onion
3 rashers bacon
3 cups stock (any stock is fine)
1 cup cream (optional)
2 cups frozen peas & corn
2 cups finely sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup corn flour
1/2 cup cheese – grated

Start off by browning off your onion, once clear add your chopped up chicken, the smaller the cubes the better. Once browned add your chopped up bacon. Once all fried off you can add your stock and cream, also add your mushrooms and peas & corn. Simmer on a low heat until everything is cooked through. I then combine my corn flour with some water and combine into a paste and add to my mixture. this will thicken up your mixture significantly which is what you want. It should resemble a very thick casserole. I like to add the grated cheese when the mixture is still hot and stir through.

I use one sheet of pastry per parcel. How you place it is upto you put I like to place is on diagonally in the centre and wrap them up like a little present.

Brush the tops with a little bit of milk and make sure you prick them all with a fork. You can sprinkle them with a few sesame seeds before popping them into the oven if you would like.

Place in the oven for around 30-35 minutes on 180 degrees or until the tops are slightly golden.


Chicken parcels

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