Recently I had the opportunity to go and see the musical cats, I know this is a huge crowd pleaser, being that I had never seen it before I was interested to see what all the fuss was about.

My friend had been dying to see it and had a spare ticket, so I gladly obliged. front row tickets I might add, I was excited.

I was fighting some epic morning sickness but I thought this is something that wouldn’t or couldn’t be missed.

The lights came on and it was a very different, unique musical. I felt like the plot was lost a little bit but I put that down to not having really researched what it was about first.

I thought it was going to be a love story but it was a unique story and I have to admit I’m still walking away a little confused, once again my fault.

I did however find it intoxicating, I couldn’t look away, the movement of the “cats” on stage was amazing, obviously very talented artists transformed their bodies into movies and becoming cats. One white little kitten stayed in character the whole time, I couldn’t look away from her, constantly fidgeting and reacting like a cat was a real treat to watch.

The lead cat was amazing and when the incredibly well known song “Memories” was sung, I most definitely felt my heart in my throat. I could feel her pain of being an outcast and it was heartbreaking. She was so talented and for me it made the whole show.

Personally I wont go and see this again, it was such a treat to see and I did enjoy myself a lot however I would need to do some more research on the storyline if I was ever to be treated again to a free ticket.

It is a play that I think everyone should go and see, even if its just the see the amazing performance of “Memories”