If you are after a little bit of an adventure on a Sunday morning, pack up the kids and leave early to go and explore the wonderful little place that is called “The Farm” it is situated just off the highway and it is a perfect way to spend a weekend morning.

As we arrived we drew up to a beautiful huge tree which my little one decided her wanted to explore straight away. It was the smell of bacon and eggs being fried that tied in all the wonders of the earthly feel of the farm, of course it was the magical smell of strong coffee as well.

You are then able to go and wander around the farm and explore and visit the animals. My personal little favorite was the baby cow (pictured) he loved getting a head scratch. The entry is free which is so great, and of course you can then purchase food at a cost. We visited the chickens and the pigs and the kids loved it.

On the way back through to our car (we had packed lunch) there was the delight of roast lamb and pig on a rotating spit and a bar full of specialty spirits and more beer taps than I have ever seen.

It also pays to take a quick look in the lovely little home wares store on the way out.

We went when it was only 3 months old so it’s only going to get bigger and better!


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