sick Mummy

There should be a different title for a sick mother – something like, A mummy flu – when no one gives a shit at all. I mean seriously, the days when your throat starts to get sore you look around like the world is going to end, because quite frankly who has the time to be sick – and that’s whether you are a mother or not.

But it’s extra fun when you are sick as a mother because well you can’t be sick, you are not allowed to be sick, and it is 10 times worse when your child is sick at the same time.

It is always so funny how I see alot of my fellow mothers do the same thing, we just soldier on, kids need to be fed, and bathed and taken to daycare or school. Dinner needs to be made and put on the table, grocery shopping and laundry has to be done, and it just goes around in the same circle.

My husband has been very sweet, trying to help where he can but let’s face it, the kids want to have mummy cuddles and I don’t know about other men but my husband is terrible at folding washing, and I would never trust him to do a grocery shop unless we wanted to eat nachos and sausages all week!

Now please don’t read this like I am one of those complaining pain the asses because in all honesty this is life, this is just the day to day hurdles we face, we push ourselves out of our sickness to just get the work done. My 3 year old doesn’t have day time sleeps anymore and thats all I wanted to do, was have this delicious long nap but instead we went grocery shopping and played dress ups and kicked the ball around, no nap for him did mean an early bedtime tonight.

I went to the doctor and he said to me “wow you must be feeling really average” and it surprised me, because while I have been carrying on with life I had not stopped and thought about it, it was probably the worst thing he asked because I nearly started crying and wanted to hug him “yes Doc, I do feel average …. get me a vodka ok” seriously people should not be nice to me, I can hold my shit together until people are nice to me!

So as much as I have wanted to sleep all day in my PJ’s and drink soup and watch TV, life went on, the sun still rose and set & the stars still came out tonight along with the moon, another day has passed and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way  (I say that now once both kids are asleep in bed haha)

So now it’s time for me to have a shower (alone woot), take my dress up makeup off (I had to be a cat) and curl up into bed while mindlessly watching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time, and let’s hope tomorrow I feel a little bit brighter.

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