Society wars

Lets start off by saying that no I don’t hate grocery shopping, it’s not the worst thing in the world, I actually like it when I can sit down before I go out and plan out the weeks menu, think about snacks for the kids and go through the fridge and pantry to make sure I have the week of grocery shopping that is needed. I like to do one shop a week so I don’t feel like I’m always stopping there, trying to get a baby and a toddler out of the car and shop sucks so I try and just do one epic shop.

This morning however didn’t really go to plan, I was up and at PT this morning so naturally I was a sweaty mess and thought right, I will grab the kids and get this sucker of a shop done and dusted, firstly I forget my wallet, so off we go back home to get it, grocery shopping was pretty uneventful, apart from the toddler asking every 2 seconds for juice but hey that’s the normal, however then we get to the baby aisle. Of course they don’t have infants friend which was the main thing I needed (youngest needs it in his bottles to help with wind). So I thought to myself that’s ok, I need to get a script filled anyway (which I forgot to do beforehand) so off we go to the pharmacy with a full trolley load, at this stage the kids were actually being pretty good. There had been minimal issues and no tantrums. I place my script in and search for the infants friend, while we stand and wait….we wait…and wait … and wait. 30 minutes has gone by and my children have decided that they just can’t wait any longer (I feel you guys)

So that’s when the issues start, the youngest starts pulling his brothers hair (unintentionally) the older one cries, tries to hit him back, I stop him, the cycle continues. The youngest is about to loose his shit and, well, he does. He proceeds to start screaming.

A dear older lady finds sympathy in my situation, she also can’t believe that no one is helping me. So I stand there, really the picture of perfection as both kids are screaming and I am still waiting for this script.

Now I know that I am not the only mother to feel in this situation, you feel sweaty, you feel irritated, you feel that everyone is watching the mother that is about to either A- loose their shit completely and scream the house down or B) – start crying with their children.

To be honest, I wanted to do both, I then proceeded to ask the lady behind the counter very bluntly to give me my script back – of course the moment it looked like the crazy mother was going to have a melt down the script was weirdly ready!

The lady behind me rubbed my arm and said “it’s ok love” so of course once someone showed me some kindness I could feel the eyes start to tingle with tears, I smiled quickly at her and nearly ran out of store. She will never know how much her small act of kindness touched my heart.

My point of this post is, have you ever felt like society have let your kids down, I ended up waiting around 40 minutes for a script in a store with 2 kids that started off very well behaved. By the end of the shopping trip, they needed a lie down and I wanted a vodka. I believe some shops have become so uninterested in customer service. No one seemed too concerned that there was a mother struggling or that elderly people were waiting for their script. They seemed more concerned in doing an average job for the day.

Stores are more interested in just making money than actually helping people, in the last few years they have introduced self serve checkouts, so not only do I have to pay top dollar for an item but then I have to serve and pack it myself.

In the big scheme of things no its not a huge deal, but today I felt for my kids who probably got branded unfairly as “little terrors” in the eyes of many.

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