Hello work!

It has been 7 glorious months off from work and 6 months of those have been with my beautiful little boy however the time is now for work to commence.

I have spent the majority of the day running errands, making sure i have shoes and bags packed and dinner sorted for tomorrow night. I feel sorted and in control and I’m only working 3 days a week! Lord help me when I go full time!

Like all mothers returning to work – first time mums, second times mums, third time mums and so forth I am positive i have forgotten something! Surely I have forgotten an important vital piece of information, but I figured as long as its not my underwear then we are kicking goals!

With my first I felt so rushed returning to work, my workplace wanted me me back ASAP and advised me that I could have the hours I wanted if I returned early but they couldn’t promise me that if I waited the full 12 months to return, I felt like I was in a corner to a certain extend and the thought of 3 days a week and cash flow lured me back, however it wasn’t the only reason, when my first was 8 weeks old I dropped 2 litres of boiling water down my side, 2nd degree burns and a painful recovery left me shaken and the budget of maternity leave well and truly went out the window, between hospital visits, doctor appointments and lots of bandages, having more time off wasn’t in the cards. I ended up taking 4 months off with my first but about 2 of those months were in pain and hospital visits every few days.

It was almost a luxury to me that I would take 6 months off with my second, I was so excited to spend 6 months with him, and it really has not disappointed. I don’t feel like it has gone too quickly and I feel like I have treasured each day with him, I feel like I got something back that I missed the first time.

For that reason alone I am going to try very hard tomorrow not to cry, we will see how we go. I don’t really feel that sad to be honest, my firstborn absolutely loves daycare so I think that’s why I’m not feeling too down about it.

I am excited to start work again because honestly I like what I do, but if I have to chose, I would be opting for my baby cuddles tomorrow instead of facing society!

So wish me luck …

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