Daycare Drop off

The time has come to return slowly to work, when I say slowly what I really mean to say is that we need money haha but don’t we all. I have decided to return 3 days a week starting from next week. So I decided to start the youngest at daycare this week, just a few hours a day so he gets used to his environment and if the educators have any questions they can contact me when i am not trying to dazzle my new boss.

So off we went this morning, bags packed, bottles labeled, I dropped off the eldest first, didn’t really look back at poor ol mum as he went off to play with his friends (yeah bye darling) which in all honesty i do prefer that over the epic meltdowns he used to have.

Then it was the little ones turn, because of availability in daycare we had to go to another one, so 2 drop offs are going to be fun in the morning. We arrived with smiles and Nathan was right into it, started rolling around and playing with toys right away, I put all his stuff away and it was very civilised, I have him a kiss goodbye and came home …. No tears yet from me but belive me they will come next week when I drop him off and I then go to work.

So my question is now … what to do? I had a long uninterrupted shower, heck I even shaved my legs and washed my hair, there was no crying from the other room, and there was no little faces peeking around the shower curtain as I lathered up!

I am not going to lie, it was bliss, I havent felt this clean in a while. Isnt that kinda gross!

So now i am sitting at my computer, expressing this thoughts of how strange it is to be kid free on a Monday! Yes I have had my occasional shopping trip on a weekend while Dad holds down the fort but even then usually the eldest wants to come along.

I mean do i go and play some pokies? Go and have a lunch out? Go to the movies? Go and get my nails done? Go to the gym? In all honesty … I just want to sit, I want to marvel in the quietness of my home, I might even be wild and have a hot cup of tea … I love my kids …. really I do!

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