Life with two

I just realized how absolutely slack i have been on the blog front, talk about putting my head down and bum up for the last year, things have been a whirlwind of love in the last year as we welcomed our second beautiful son last September.

Now don’t hit me through the screen with what i am about to say, but things are definitely not as bad as i thought they would be, i don’t know if its because i had built up having two kids so much in my mind but so far things are going pretty good. Now this could be for a couple of reasons.

  1. I am still under a haze of limited sleep so i am actually dillusional
  2. He is only 5 months so he hasn’t started moving yet so he is still a log that’s only rolling around, lets face it, they cant get into too much trouble at this point
  3. I haven’t gone back to work yet so that in itself will be interesting.

so yes, so far life has been pretty good, in saying that for some reason i have been blessed with a super cool, chilled out baby (and no i don’t think its anything i have necessarily done, kids are just different)

So do i think this life with 2 kids will continue to be easier than i thought? absolutely NOT! I have to admit, in spite of my best efforts my toddler has been super demanding on the attention front, he most certainly keeps me on my toes, my youngest will indeed start crawling soon and my “easier life” is going to be OVER!

I guess my point of my post so far is that i am going to enjoy this time, the time where i might be in my disillusion haze but its nice and warm here!

Life is about to get a lot harder, and more hectic as I’m returning to work for 3 days a week in a couple of weeks ….so wish me luck!

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