The grind of motherhood

Another day and another chance to try and find organisational skills that will work with running the family household. Working full time can be very tough, but I have also been able to find some clever little loop holes in making sure the house still runs smoothly and so you are not also left at the end of the week with a huge amount of chores.

Some of these tips probably seem simple enough but they have helped me a lot.

Every morning as soon as you wake up put a load of washing on
I gather the clothes and put them on, its one of the first things I do, by the time I am ready to walk out the door the load has finished and I then hang it out on the line before leaving for the daycare drop off and work.
Then that night while my little one plays after dinner, I then take the load off the line and fold and put away, I think this is a huge time saver for me, it also means I am not doing 10 thousand loads of washing come the weekend.

Prepare lunches the night before
Sure it sounds simple enough, but when you get home sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is then looking at tomorrow. I can assure you it will make mornings a lot easier.

Put out clothes for the next day
Before I go to bed at night I will pick out an outfit and hang it somewhere easily accessible, I do the same thing for the little dude, this way I am not running around the next morning, trying to find a shirt that matches work pants etc.

Make a “uniform” for the week
To me this is a game changer, on a Sunday afternoon I will organise a uniform for myself for the 5 working days, I will hang them all up, this obviously ties in with my previous point, I will have 5 shirts with 5 pants etc or skirts, but I will always make sure that they are hung up together to form a uniform for myself.

Create a shopping list
Do you ever get to the shops and cant remember what you need? I always write a shopping list and I try to stick to it.

Do shopping once a week
There is nothing like having to drop into the shops on a weekday to chew up time, while I write my list for the week I also write a menu for the week, I run my shopping list off that menu plan. I find with my shopping list and shopping once a week it saves a lot of time … and money. It also doesn’t feel like I am constantly living at the shops, it also gives me a good opportunity to organise my pantry properly when putting away the groceries.

Well there are a few of my tips, I am sure there are more and I am sure I will keep adding and amending to my list, as always I am not perfect, and some night I really just want to think “STUFF THIS” but in the long run it makes for a happier home!

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