Freezer meals?

I have been conducting a little bit of research on freezer meals, I have found that I am running around almost with my head chopped off trying to get everything done in a week. The main thing that I would say that is suffering at the moment is the cleanliness in the house, yes the house is tidy but I’m starting to think it might not be 100% clean. So then came the thought of freezer meals, I look a lot on pinterest and one of the main things that sprung to mind was freezer meals for the month.

Conducting one big epic cook up at the start of the month for all of your dinners, it did start to get me thinking about how to reduce waste, cost and time. So my proclamation is that I am going to start the freezer meals.

We have needed a bigger freezer for some time so we have order an upright freezer. I guess Saturday will bring a host of what is to come and if this will be a success or not …. haha time will tell!

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